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Checker Happy Face Sweatshirt

Checker Happy Face Sweatshirt

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Unisex Sized Crew Neck Sweatshirt. The sweatshirt color is Ash Grey. Soft + Soft on the inside. It’s literally perfect in every way. The close up view of this sweatshirt is a more accurate portrayal of the ash grey coloring of this sweatshirt. The lighting on the particular day I shot this photo is making the sweatshirt look a little lighter in appearance than it actually is. Just a helpful tip so you know what you will be receiving. :-)

Brand: Gildan | Heavy Blend

50% cotton/50% polyester

Steph's Fit Choice: LARGE, I am shown wearing a large in the photos and thought this was a good fit for me. I still had plenty of room everywhere for easy movement and thought that the appeal of this size whas fitting. I could have opted for the XL as well for a more oversized and very generous fit which is the direction I tend to go in these sweatshirts for myself personally. Truth is, either the LARGE or the XL would be great options for someone of my similiar body type. I am 5'5" | 140 lbs.  

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